About Us

A little about us.

We are passionate about sharing the unique and important talents of our authors especially in SA. AIM has a business model different from most. We provide the full services of a traditional publishing company including editing, cover design, ISBN number, printing, marketing, distribution and sales.

Unlike self-publishing houses we have a vested interest in the success of your book.  We charge nothing up front.  We only recover our costs with sales of books.  So we care about the quality and success of your book.

We also do direct sales via our Baitul Hikmah brand which is an online store but also at fairs, souks, conventions, and other events. We believe that if you can’t take Muhammad to the mountain you take the mountain to Muhammad, so by taking the books to the people we have been able to sell more books. Our motto is to make books Affordable and Accessible.

Our Offering:

  • Professional editing and text layout, registered ISBN, author copyright also provided
  • Create a beautiful custom cover design specifically for your book
  • Your book is set up for national distribution with Islamic book shops in SA.
  • Royalties, Authors receive up to 40% royalty from direct sales. We provide a share of sales, between 10-15% on the sale price of the book. The current international rate is 10%. If it is going to be a ‘best seller’ that can be upwards to 12-15% and there can be a sliding scale e.g. for the first 1000, x% and then for the next 1000 / 2000/ 3000, y%, etc.
  • Author retains all rights to their book.
  • Custom marketing plan developed for your book.  We will:
    • Create:
      • Press Release
      • Sales Data Sheet
      • Marketing
      • Author/book profiles on publisher webpage
    • Request reviews from sources including blogs, magazines or newspapers
    • Work with author to arrange author event (book signing/reading, launch party, etc.)
    • Promote book to bookstores/clients that we have pre-existing relationships with
    • Create ads on Facebook for the book
    • Enroll book in at least a giveaway promotion on certain media platforms.
    • Promote author/book on publisher social media outlets and company website
    • Continually seek author/book promotional opportunities (fairs, souks, conventions, book festivals, interviews, guest blogs, etc.)
    • This list is not complete.  We will be pursuing other marketing opportunities and recommendations depending on the genre and content of your book


Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in AIM publishing your book! We focus on emerging, new authors who give a fresh and unique perspective. We publish both fiction and nonfiction works in most categories.

Submissions must meet most or all of the following criteria, in order to be accepted for publication:

  • We are looking for stories that are compelling
  • We are looking for stories that have a natural audience
  • We are looking for strong writing, and an original approach
  • We are looking for stories written with intelligence in concept and execution

We consider each submission on its own merits and base our decision on the quality of the work, the uniqueness of the approach, and its value to the reader; be it educational, inspirational or simply entertaining. Preferably, our authors will have some standing in their niche or area of expertise. If you intend to submit your work for publication, the following information is required:

  1. Send us a brief description of your book explaining who you think will read the book and why they would listen to you. Why do you think it will stand out? Do you have a natural audience already established?
  2. Let us know the extent of your professional and social activities/contacts that could help us promote the book.  Tell us about relevant organizations you belong to/blogs you contribute to/speaking engagements past and future/Facebook Groups/writing groups etc., places where you can help promote your book.  If submitting nonfiction, please let us know what you have accomplished as an expert in your field.  Any market research you have already done and what marketing you can do going forward will be quite helpful.
  3. Send us a copy of your book (or at least a sample).  If your book is illustrated or has a lot of photography, include a sample or two of those.
  4. Send us a short bio or resume